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Uzondu Microfinance Bank ltd was floated by the Catholic Diocese of Awka who is also the Chief Promoter and Major shareholder, with the Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese as its Alta Ego. It was incorporated on 5th June 2009 and issued license to commence operations by the Central Bank of Nigeria on 8th September 2009. It opened its doors for business on Wednesday, 23rd September, 2009. The Bank has been swift in its set objectives within set period. While it broke even and continued to pay dividends to its shareholders from its second AGM, the size of its Equity capital/Shareholders' funds made for its application to the Central bank of Nigeria in the year of its third AGM and the Bank became the youngest Microfinance Bank in the country to be so promoted amongst the first 88 out of over 800 MFBs to attain the status after the CBN operationalized its policy on MFB's capitalization and change of status in December 2012.

It has four CBN approved Branch offices outside its Head office in Awka. These are located at Abagana in Njikoka local government area, and Umunze in Orumba South local government area respectively to enable it serve its clients proximally and satisfactorily in all the Regions of its catchement market. The Bank's operations are fully computerizrd while its payment mechanism through its correspondent Bankers make for its cheques to be cashed in any part of Nigeria and deposits recieved from there too. Its outreach fully accomodates and benefits the remotest grassroots and the active poor within its wide catchment area.

The Banks peculiar products include: Prime Savings Deposit Scheme; Bonus Thrift Scheme; Beginners Current Deposit Account; Hybrid Current Deposit Account; Galaxy Apprenticeship Scheme; Micro Health and Commercial Insurance; Micro produce Scheme; Grace-to-Grace Credit Scheme; a free robust Business banking Advisory programme for clients and widows redemption scheme.

The Board of directors and Management of the Bank were selected from undiluted academics and professionals comprising high net-worth men of integrity. The Management and staff of the bank comprise experienced and trained people clothed with relevant qualifications in the sector. The Bank has always strived to attain its vision and mission statements to the glory of God, and the service of man.

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